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Ambient Electronica

Beluga is the ambient, electronic outfit of duo - Harshad Shetty & Joywyn Daniel.

Starting off as listeners of progressive rock & metal acts such as Porcupine Tree, Tool, Karnivool, Opeth, Scribe, Anathema, God Is An Astronaut, Agalloch, Skyharbor, Another Vertigo Rush etc, they eventually latched onto and were hooked by the soothing inter-dimensional soundscapes of electronic downtempo & ambient music.

After the release of Harshad’s guitar-driven, shoegaze/post-rock debut EP ‘Eunoia’, the duo began experimenting & started writing music together, subsequently making the transition to production.

Beluga’s music is a soundtrack & tribute to the unknown forces of nature. It can be best described as a bubble, floating somewhere amongst the realms of trip-hop, downtempo, ambient & electronica.

Their debut EP Seeking Atlantis garnered them critical acclaim and they were nominated for the Best Electronic Artist of The Year (Jury's Choice) for The Indian Music Diaries Awards 2021.

Wasabi (Single)

Wasabi (Single)

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