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Singer | Songwriter | Actor

After having entered the world of independent music as a drummer, singer-songwriter and guitarist, Aarifah aimed at exploring every aspect in the industry. Armed with a handful of heartfelt songs and her refreshingly earnest approach to live performances, she wins over every audience she has ever performed for.

Having played at every renowned venue & festival India has to offer, Aarifah has always hit the ground running with her soft, sombre yet strong sonic scapes. To name a few, Aarifah has charmed audiences at Orange Festival, Control ALT Delete and Bacardi NH7 Weekender (Shillong and Pune).


Her music has been featured on Ennui.Bomb’s 10th Anniversary special Stupiditties compilation, BalconyTv, Rolling Stone India, TLC, Grazia, MaedinIndia as well as on BuzzFeed.

In her most notable achievements Aarifah has collaborated with producer
‘Sandunes’ as a part of RedBull’s IP Searching for Sound, she has played drums with Madame Gandhi on her India tour and performed for celebrated Grammy Award Winner Yo-Yo Ma on his visit to Mumbai as part of an artist residency co-hosted by G5A Foundation.

Besides playing the drums for the all female band, Ladies Compartment and pop trio Toycatcher she is also a model & actor and has featured in several campaigns for brands like Levi's India (along side Deepika Padukone), Airtel India, McDowell's India, Samsung & Hyundai to name a few.


Simultaneously she is also working on her solo project as ‘Aarifah’ and is looking to release her music soon.


  1. Was part of MTV's Angels of Rock

  2. Worked with Sandunes on Switching Rails  

  3. Performed at Orange Festival, Bacardi NH7 Weekender Shillong and Pune, Luna festival in Sri Lanka, amongst others

  4. Performed drums with Madame Gandhi on her tour in India 

  5. Featured in Nat Geo's chasing the Sun Moments

  6. Featured in TLC's The Poetist

  7. Participated in an artist residency which was co-hosted by G5A Foundation to perform a set for the Grammy Award Winner Yo - Yo Ma

  8. One of the top 24 finalists on Nexa Music. Worked with renowned Clinton Cerejo and A R Rahman on a single release - Hey! Good Evening.

Hey Good Evening | Aarifah | NEXA Music | Official Music Video
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